My name is Sarah Glen, and I’m a multimedia journalist -- tl;dr: I'm a sucker for good stories, and I enjoy exploring new ways to tell them.

A native of the social web, my experience ranges from writing and editing stories for print and web production to researching and designing data-driven interactives to performing and analyzing audience research. To me, the future of journalism lies in creating content that both delights and informs users while also helping them to better live their lives.

Wanna know more? Scroll down to browse a few of my recent projects, read my blog or find me elsewhere on the Internet:


Creating a 2014 Oscars experience

Oscars Voting App

Awards season is always a big opportunity for entertainment news, and that's what makes it so exciting. To provide our readers with the best experience possible, we decided to produce pieces that would give them a full-on Oscars experience. From building a voting app to making a banter generator, we tried to ensure that our coverage was as interactive as possible. Then, we put it all together in a live blog to offer viewers a second-screen experience. And of course, our coverage wouldn't have been complete without a next-day GIF recap.

Making a Jimmy Fallon slow jam parody

Inspired by his infamous appearance at my alma mater, we decided to cover Jimmy Fallon's takeover of The Tonight Show by playing up his New York roots in a parody slow jam. To do this, I tracked down some of his former friends and teachers for interviews, wrote a script based on the stories I heard and enlisted the help of the Saugerties High School band. Things didn't turn out exactly as planned (read more about that from my partner-in-parody David Freid on Inside Thunderdome), but making this was a fun forray into non-traditional storytelling — and it was definitely a learning experience. In the end, we racked up some pageviews and even got a shout out from Fallon. Hopefully that means this is actually funny.

Decoding the Kennedy assassination

When it came time to discuss how to cover the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, we knew we wanted to do something more than run wire or throw up a photo gallery. After I spent entirely too much time in the conspiracist section of the New York Public Library, we decided to focus on explaining five conspiracy theories that have stood the test of time. Check out this teaser by the talented motion graphics designer Courtney Wells and be sure to view the entire project live.

Covering the 2012 presidential election

Dennis Walker

As a political science double major, I was ecstatic to receive the opportunity to cover the 2012 election. In addition to launching a mobile-focused political news site through UNC's journalism school, I also blogged about North Carolina's status as a swing state for The Washington Post and covered the DNC for The Daily Tar Heel.


  • Web Writing, Social Meida, SEO
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • User Testing
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • jQuery
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Python/Django

My name is Sarah... but if you bothered to scroll down this far, you likely remembered that. I'm a detail-oriented ENFJ currently working in NYC as a multimedia journalist. That term doesn't really mean much though, so let me be clear: I like to tell stories that engage digital audiences. From researching to writing to coding, doing that involves using a wide range of skills that "multimedia journalist" doesn't quite cover. If you're into it, I vote we nix the MMJ concept and make "pixel hustler" happen. It's at least better than "fetch," right?

Currently, I'm learning more about Goal-Driven Design, playing around with D3 and plotting my next steps. When I'm not busy with those things, you can find me listening to Beyonce, painting on my rooftop and brunching on patios.




I'm currently accepting freelance, and I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me an email, give me a ring or swap pixels with me elsewhere: